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SEO eBook, by Andreas Ramos

#TwitterBook by Andreas Ramos

Content Marketing

Search Engine Marketing, McGraw-Hill 2009

Search Engine Marketing: China

Author of ten books on SEO. Manager of Global SEO at Cisco. Professor of Digital Marketing at the Silicon Valley Business School (SVBS).

  • Write Your Book! by . Yes, you can write a book in 90 days. Complete steps on how I do this. (Coming July 2014.)

  • SEO eBook by and Stephanie Cota. Be findable in search engines. Andreas is the Manager for Global SEO at Cisco. Stephanie is the Manager of Analytics at Kaiser. Free eBook. Go SEO eBook (Nov. 2013).

  • #TwitterBook: Do you "get" Twitter? The inside scoop on Twitter. Learn how to use hashtags and get followers in plain English. Free eBook. Go #TwitterBook (Oct. 2013).

  • The Big Book of Content Marketing: 80% of your digital advertising doesn't reach your audience. There's a new solution. The Big Book of Content Marketing. Amazon Best Seller on its second day. Published in Europe, Latin America, North America. (May 2013) #BBoCM

    Amazon Best Seller: Andreas Ramos

  • Learn SEO, PPC, and Analytics. My book Search Engine Marketing (McGraw-Hill USA 2009, Tsing Hua University Press China 2010, McGraw-Hill Taiwan 2010). At all major bookstores and Amazon Kindle. Foreword by Haoyu Shen, #2 at Go SEM Book. (Sept. 2013).

  • Want to Do a Startup? Get free copies of contracts, term sheets, stock agreements, KPI calculator, and other things for your startup. Go to Silicon Valley Startups. (July 2013).

KPI eBook for ROI, CPA, CPL

Free KPI eBook
With 4th-grade math, you can calculate KPIs, Cost-per-Lead (CPL), and Cost-per-Action (CPA).

     MIT Case Study

MIT Case Study How I took MIT from 52 to 17,500 visits per day and lowered cost per click from $0.70 to $0.07.

books by andreas ramos

A list of
by me.

   Fall of the Berlin Wall

My eye-witness account of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Published in many history text books.

   Hokusai and The Great Wave

Hokusai, the Japanese artist (1760-1849), changed 20th century art. His inspiration? Dutch wrapping paper...

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