Once you start looking, they crop up.

Okay, the campaign in Google Adwords is in 18 languages. In the English campaign, I tested 8,000 keywords. From that, I selected the top 200 keywords (based on performance: CTR, clicks, etc.). These were translated into 17 languages.

Oh, okay, here’s the full list: Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish.

And of course, I wrote ads in all those languages. (What? So I speak a bunch of languages.)

And now, a week later, Google has started to reject ads. Why? Here’s Google’s notice:

> Disapproval Reason: Punctuation and symbols: To help provide a quality user experience, promotions need to be clear, easy to read, and professional in appearance. For this reason, we don’t allow ad text that uses non-standard, gimmicky, or unnecessary punctuation, numbers, letters, and symbols.

Yep, ads written entirely in Japanese, Russian, or Bengali are rejected because Google thinks these are gimmicks.

I have additional ads in English for these languages, so I paused the rejected ads.

Okay, Google: that’s a bug. It’s pretty critical: Adwords can’t show an ad in Bengali?

Solution: Google should create a filter that recognizes non-Western text and sends it to an Adwords reviewer to see if it’s a real ad.