I’m writing #TwitterBook, which will be a short ebook on Twitter.

Last week, I wrote ten pages of notes and ideas, which I turned over the weekend into an 11-page outline.

I also began looking for a team of manuscript reviewers for feedback and ideas.

Why an ebook on Twitter? Many clients and friends said the same thing to me: “I just don’t get Twitter. Why do I care what a dog had for lunch?”

I looked around for a book or FAQ to recommend. I read some 24 FAQs, including Twitter.com’s FAQ, and five books. None of them are worthwhile. They just cover the basics. They don’t explain why anyone should bother with Twitter.

Twitter is amazing. There’s nothing like it. Stuff goes on in Twitter that most people have no idea about. There’s things you can do that are very useful for your career, your work, your studies, your life, or just plain for fun.

I’ll explain all of this in #TwitterBook.

#TwitterBook will be a short book, perhaps 50 pages. I plan to release it for free or $1.00. I haven’t decided yet. Maybe I’ll flip a coin. Release date will be Sept. 30, 2013 at Amazon.com and this website.

Do you want to be a reviewer of the manuscript? I’m not looking to technical experts. I’m looking for people who love Twitter and do lots of stuff with it.┬áIf you’re good at using Twitter, let me know at @andreas_ramos.