When creating content, what if you had tools that could show you future trends and directions in your area of work?

By knowing what’s coming, you could develop a body of content to establish a dominant presence in that space before your competitors.

Several companies, such as RecordedFuture.com, Opera Solutions, RavenPack, and Minetta Brook are building news analytics solutions. These tools scan tens of thousands of websites, news feeds, forums, and other sources. They can also identify influencers and relationships.

Wall Street investors use these tools to spot trends. Large companies use these for competitive intelligence to understand their competitors’ strategies.

Here are several examples of what this looks like.

RecordedFuture.com's map of news in mobile payment

RecordedFuture.com's map of news in mobile payment










RecordedFuture.com also discovers and displays relationships relationships between companies, people, technologies, products, and location.