I’m looking into influencer marketing. I’m trying to figure out if a person is worth following, contacting, and engaging. Is he posting useful content? Or just nonsense about what his dog had for lunch?

I wondered if there was a way to quickly review a person’s every posting. So I made word clouds of my own postings at my blog, Twitter, and Facebook (click for a bigger picture).

Two years of blogging at blog.andreas.com

A year of tweets at @andreas_ramos

Five years of Facebook postings

Compare those word clouds:

  • My blog postings are focused is on business and technical issues.
  • My Twitter word cloud tends to show names of companies (Google, Amazon, etc.) and business concepts (content marketing, startups, etc.)
  • My FB word cloud is mostly personal items, such as Helen, my cat, Palo Alto, people, and so on, plus lots of adjectives.

So if you want to know what I’m doing in my work, follow me at my blog and Twitter. If you want to know about my personal life, connect to me on FB.

How did I do this?

  1. Go to your Twitter account
  2. Scroll down until you have a year of tweets
  3. Copy all
  4. Paste into EditPlus (or any good text editor)
  5. Sort the list
  6. Delete duplicates
  7. Copy the result
  8. Drop the list into Wordle

For FB, I first downloaded my archive of all FB postings (five years).  The result required more editing than Twitter because FB includes months, days, people’s names, and lots of other stuff. The list had 92,000 lines (you really must use an advanced text editor such as EditPlus and know how to use regEdit).

If you know of tools that can do this, please let me know.