You’ve noticed the 3-bar icon in your mobile apps. It’s also showing up on desktop websites. Click on it to get the menu.

Okay, but what’s it called? I thought it was a menu icon (the three bars show menus).

Then someone said “click the hamburger” and it turns out it’s called a hamburger icon. Yes, it looks like a Big Mac.

But last week, I’m at Google, and she said “click the hotdog”, and I said “What? Oh, that’s the hamburger”. At Google, they call it a hotdog. She hadn’t heard hamburger.

So I began to wonder if it has a name.

And it turns out there is yet another name: the sandwich icon. Looks like a sandwich.

So I checked to see which is most popular. Let’s go to the numbers:

  • 25,700 “hamburger icon”
  • 10,500 “sandwich icon”
  • 03,020 “hotdog icon”

(Searched in Google with quotation marks for exact match.)

In mid-2012, “sandwich icon” was very popular. But that fell and hamburger took over.

So only Google calls it a hotdog. Hamburger wins. (Here’s a huge opportunity for Burger King to jump in with a campaign to call it the Whopper icon.)