How to Write a Book! by Andreas Ramos

Helen and me with the book poster

What’s it like to write a book? And watch it go to #1 at Amazon? #1 in two categories?

OMG, what a ride.

I hate early mornings. But this week, I’m getting up at 5 a.m. to send emails, upload files, post to Facebook and my blog, send tweets, and update LinkedIn.

And it goes like that to late at night.

People spotted minor errors in the text. I fixed those and uploaded new files to Amazon.

People couldn’t find the right place to download the book in Amazon Germany, Amazon China, and other places. I found the URLs, sent it to them, and posted for others. A reader in Dubai couldn’t get the book; Dubai blocks Amazon. I solved that problem.

The book is being downloaded worldwide. 130 countries. I’m getting emails from all across Europe, South America, and Asia.

Carla King, super expert in self-publishing, sent a newsletter to all of her subscribers about the book. Mike Moran, author of the leading book on enterprise SEO, tweeted about the book. Many of the authors who were interviewed in the book also sent out emails.

It’s non-stop, all day long. I run from meeting to meeting, taking calls every ten minutes, writing quick emails, and coordinating things. It started about six days before release, with a long Saturday and Sunday to prepare everything.

The book release itself is a five-day sprint, Monday 5 a.m. to Friday midnight. I expect another two to three weeks for followup. I’ll order 100 books (I already have an order another 100) to send copies to copyeditors, people who were interviewed, key friends, authors of major books, clients, and so on.

At the moment, Thursday afternoon, I’m too hyper to think about being tired. I expect to crash this weekend.