Okay, so I read a lot. 2-4 books per week, plus a dozen or more articles.

There are two very good blogs:

Both are strongly recommended.

I also subscribe to several journals, which I read cover to cover:

  • New York Review of Books: With a worldwide circulation of over 135,000, The New York Review of Books is the premier literary-intellectual magazine in English. Authors include statesmen, professors, writers, and leading intellectuals. At the NYBooks.com.
  • London Review of Books: The London Review of Books is the largest cultural literary magazine in Europe and has an unparalleled international reputation for long-form literary journalism.  Published every two weeks for 65,000 subscribers, each issue contains contributions by the world’s leading thinkers, scholars and writers on a range of subjects such as history, politics, philosophy, art, poetry, biography, opinion pieces, film, and more. They also have an app for both Android and Apple. At LRB.co.uk
  • Le Monde Diplomatique: The premier French international journal, Le Diplo’s readers include politicians, diplomats, policy-makers, journalists, lecturers, think tank researchers, NGOs, opinion formers, students, and anyone who wants the real stories, reliable research, and an independent viewpoint. Published in 26 languages for about 125,000 subscribers. At MondeDiplo.com

I strongly recommend subscriptions to these magazines. I’ve had subscriptions for more than 25 years.

Go to a public library and read several issues to see what these are like.

You may notice the rather low subscriber numbers. The NYRB has only 135,000 subscribers, yet it is the most significant journal worldwide, which is a good example of quality, not quantity.