For the last three or four months, I tried to use the Google Chrome browser on my iPad. This synchronizes my browser on my computer, smart phone (Samsung Galaxy), and my iPad. Plus, Google promised me that it’s a fast browser.

The reality?

  • Google Chrome is nearly 4X slower on iPads than Apple’s Safari browser. 3.9X slower. Yes, nearly four times slower. PCMagazine did a test that puts Chrome at 7257 ms and Safari at 1838 ms (3.948X) on a SunSpider benchmark. Chrome is 0.0027 ms faster than Dolphin, but that’s milliseconds. Chrome can indeed say it’s faster than Dolphin, but against Safari? Not even a race. Safari is nearly four times faster than any other iPad browser.
  • Google Chrome is unstable on iPads. It crashes constantly. It crashes perhaps two or three times in every session. Apple won’t offer help for fixing this. I’ve searched online and I went to the Palo Alto Apple store. Their solution? “Don’t use Chrome.”

Why is Apple Safari so much faster? It’s the other way around: if a browser wants to be on an Apple product, Apple forces the browser to use Apple’s code. Apple cripples the code for those browsers. That’s why Google Chrome is buggy on iPads.

Bottom line: I gave up on Chrome (and any other) browser for iPad. I went back to Safari. It’s faster and it doesn’t constantly crash.