1. Came back from NYC last night. V good trip. Weather was cold, but bright sunny.  On Wens, spoke at the conf for ivy league engineering schools. 5 cups of coffee to stay awake 🙂 The conf was arranged by Rob Wynne, who runs a PR agency in LA. Got lots of business cards from schools, plus several invites for more conversations. One person said something interesting: Stanford and Harvard have very strong brands and ironically, that’s a problem. When the brand is so strong, it’s difficult to innovate. “Oh, we don’t do that here.” In general, the schools have so many overlapping directors and administrators that it’s difficult to do things. Other speakers included Fortune, Slate, Huffington Post, IEEE, TechCrunch. It was odd to see the tradition media saying they were still important. “We’re not dead yet! We feel fine! We’re going for a walk!”
  2. On Thurs, I met with Larry Goldbetter, chairman of the NWU, Shane Snow, co-founder of Contently.com (a content provider service), and several others from the NWU (National Writers Union.) They see the current battle between writers and publishers as a legal rights issue: the publishers want perpetual rights, in all formats, in all languages, including universes and dimensions not yet discovered. Publishers are terrified that they’ll lose control over content. They can’t control writers or content anymore via their monopoly of the production/distribution process, so they’ve switched to lawyers and lobbyists. Very good discussion on a range of issues for writers, publishers, and the publishing industry.
  3. Great lunch with Cheryl and Mark Burgess. Mark is a professor in marketing at Rider University and Cheryl runs Blue Focus Marketing, an agency. Their book on the use of social media by employees is coming out from McGraw-Hill later this year (I read their draft manuscript.) They’re also advisers to my book and have made many great comments. We wolfed down pizza and salad and talked as fast as we could in the short hour before I had to go to the airport. Cheryl is a major expert on blogging; her blog has an astonishing reach to over 50 million people. I gotta learn how she does that.
  4. JetBlue has great seats but no food. Whatever. The 6.5 hour flight from NYC to San Jose gave me time to edit most of the current manuscript. The Berkeley edits arrived and I’ll combine everything and send out a new version to the reviewers. Content freeze on next Friday.
  5. Suzana, Mathieu, and Antonin sent me lots of emails from Paris, incl. drafts of illustrations. I’ll work through that today.
  6. Tomorrow Sat is Marketing Boot Camp in SF. Alok and I are hosting one of the sessions. It’ll be lively. 300+ on the waiting list, so no more seats. www.marketingcampsf.org
  7. The testing of the titles is nearly done. Two titles haven’t yet reached 2,500 impressions. That should happen this afternoon. So far, 68,000 impressions, 132 clicks, $29. Yes, there are surprises in winners and losers. I’ll send that out when it’s ready.
  8. By coincidence, a friend in Denmark posted in FB about her friend’s webpage on statistics. He’s a lecturer at the business school at the University of Aarhus in Denmark. He made a very cool site that lets you easily compare numbers to see if there is statistical confidence. They made the site in Danish, so I worked with them to create a version in English that everyone else around the planet (and dimensions-not-yet-discovered) can use. A few weeks later, it’s up. I’ll use this tool to determine the winning title. Go to NewSurveyShows.com