SMS and tweeting are different for Chinese. Tweets allow 140 characters, which only allows 12-20 English words (with lots of cryptic shortenings). But  a Chinese character is a word, and they use fewer spaces, so a Chinese tweet can have 120-130 words. They can send six times more text which allows more complexity of information (e.g., this posting’s 128  words would fit in a Chinese tweet.)

Yesterday, Alibaba (China’s eBay) paid $586m for 18% of Weibo (China’s Twitter) (Weibo’s valuation is $3.2b). Weibo has +500m users. Alibaba will use this to drive traffic from Weibo to Taobao (owned by Alibaba).

Chat apps (such as WhatsApp and WeChat) send more messages now than SMS.

I use WeChat. Much better than SMS. WeChat has 300m users. I’m andreas_ramos at WeChat.