I’ll speak on Tuesday on an Act-On webinar. To get more attendees, I set up my own Twitter campaign for the event.

I started last Friday morning. I wrote three tweets; added several keywords; budgeted $25.

Data from my Twitter campaign

Here are the results: 14,500 views (i.e., the three tweets showed up 14,500 times in people’s Twitter accounts if they used the keywords (e.g., “digital marketing”, “content marketing”, “influence marketing”, etc.) What matters is the response: 153 clicks, which means 153 people went to the webinar signup page. $23 divided by 153 = $0.15 per click (CPC, or cost-per-click).

If I had set up the same campaign in Google, it would take a day or two to become active (Google reviews ads, etc.) I’ve been managing Google AdWords for over ten years on hundreds of accounts (I manage MIT’s Google account); on average, CPCs are $0.75. If I had done this campaign in Google, it would have gotten 33 clicks. Twitter brought me 153 clicks (4.6x as many).

Twitter is far away the easiest and fastest way to set up digital advertising. It’s much cheaper than Google. And it works very well.