Here’s a photo of my father’s NEC NTF-901 radio. It was one of the best transistor radios in 1962. At top right, the gray push button switches AM/FM. The inside soldering was done by hand. I put in batteries, but it doesn’t work. NEC = Nippon Electric Company.


Norway will shut off FM radio and switch to digital radio. Radio (both AM and FM) are dead.

Sirius kept calling me to get me to sign up. Each time, they dropped the price. Finally, I said “Look, you can PAY me and I still won’t listen to it because I prefer Pandora.”

TV is also headed for the rocks. You can’t watch network TV (NBC, CBS, ABC) on a tablet because they won’t allow it. But my wife watches Chinese TV news (KTSF) every night on her tablet: she opens their app and watches the evening news. She can pause, repeat, and skip (it’s all in Chinese). It works fine.

American TV won’t do this because of the extremely lucrative ad revenues. TV charges (roughly) about 100X more for TV advertising than Google charges for digital ads. When TV goes digital, they’ll see a 99% revenue drop. Because broadcast TV requires studios, camera staff, dancing monkeys (er, anchor men), etc., they won’t survive such a drop.

MTV’s target demographic dropped 29% (Q1/15) compared to same quarter last year (Q1/14). Wow. 29%? That’s a collapse. TV is dead.

But Google isn’t smiling. When ads move from desktop to mobile, there is another 99% drop. People spend more time on Facebook than Google but FB has less than a third (31%) in revenues ($3.85B/quarter in Q4/14) than Google ($12.4B, Q4/14). Google is facing a serious revenue drop as users shift to mobile.