What works better in Google Adwords (GAW)? Traditional short text ads or the new expanded text ads ? Here are the numbers for a large client. Although there are 11,039 short ads, I used data for only 413 of the short ads because these ads have more than 1,000  impressions, which produces stronger statistical confidence. The data is January 1 2017 to July 30 2017.

Short Text Ads

  • 11,039 Total short ads
  • 413 short ads with +1,000 impressions
  • 502,271 Clicks
  • 8,464,194 Impressions
  • 5.93% Avg. CTR

Expanded Text Ads

  • 296 Expanded ads with +1,000 impressions
  • 8,885 Total expanded ads
  • 499,097 Clicks
  • 4,961,742 Impressions
  • 10.06% CTR

Results: Expanded ads produce 10.06% CTR and short ads produce 5.93% CTR. That’s a 58.94% performance increase for expanded ads.

If you haven’t yet, convert your short text ads to expanded format.

You may have noticed that I have 11,000 ads in an account for a client. I manage over 50,000 ads. There’s a way to convert 11,000 short ads into expanded ads in less than thirty minutes; I’ll leave that to you for homework extra credit 🙂