Hubspot wrote about this a few weeks ago. They added additional analytics to their blog and realized that a few blog postings (something like 30-40) out of 3,500 blog postings accounted for half of their leads. Just a few get all the traffic, just like in everything else (80/20 Rule, Pareto Rule, etc.) Very clever idea.

If you can identify those top blog postings, you can do more on them: add “for more, see also” links, add call-to-actions, buttons, etc. This will increase your leads, etc.

So how to do this? First, I added Google Analytics tracking code to my Wordpress blog (this one that you’re reading). I waited a day or so until the data began to appear in my Google Analytics account. Here’s how to find the data:

  1. Log into your Google Analytics account.
  2. Select the Reporting tab (on the left side of the screen).
  3. Select Behavior > Site Content > All Pages.
  4. At the Primary Dimension button (above the table), select Page Title.
  5. You can now see traffic by page title. Depending on how your website is set up, you might have to use the search box and search for “blog.” (as in, “”) (or just “blog”).