Okay, so you’re putting video on Youtube. How to improve the SEO and get more traffic? Here are ten things to do:

  1. Title: Place your title in quotes. Add branding at the end. Avoid dashes. Use “:” and “|” to separate items. Example: Benefits of Nike Anti-Gravity P-52 Track Shoes | Nike.com
  2. Video Description: Use the SEO keywords or copy/paste your title in the first line.
  3. Video Description: Link to your pages at social sites and your relevant URLs.
  4. Tagging: Use https://youtube.com/keyword_tool to find related tags.
  5. Tagging: Start with your video title and the top keywords. Cover what people are searching and what’s relevant in your content.
  6. Annotations: Use annotations to ask your audience to make comments.
  7. Annotations: Use annotations and point to other videos or your every playlists.
  8. Annotations: Put a “Please Subscribe” annotation at the end of your videos.
  9. Playlists: Create relevant playlists that include your videos and other people’s relevant videos. Titles and descriptions in playlists should be keyword-rich.
  10. Frequency: Post frequently. Ideally, twice per week.
  11. Markup: Use video rich snippets markup (Facebook Share, RDFa, or Schema.org), and XML sitemaps to add meta-data and improve search results.
  12. Upload: Use OneLoad.com to upload the video to 12 sites