Google Offers SEO Services?

Google is up to something very odd. A recruiter sent me an email. Google is looking for someone to do SEO for a company. But it’s not clear if the company is another company (a client of Google) or it’s owned (secretly) by Google. I looked at the About Us and it’s vague. The company is in Los Angeles. The company sells jewelry where every item is $9.99. Earrings, necklace, rings, etc., all $9.99.

  • If it’s a client, is Google really offering SEO services? Why would Google need to do this? They can just go into their algorithm, bump it up in ranking, and charge the client. And then wait for a massive lawsuit.
  • Or is this a Google company? Is Google trying to corner the market on jewelry? And why bother with tiny sales of $9.99? What about other products? Google could easily figure out the best-selling products and then set up secret companies to wipe out competitors, especially at super low prices (because Google doesn’t need the money).
  • Or is this a trap to get SEO people to do work, Google sees what they do, and then sets up ways to block that?

Whatever this is, it’s very odd. And likely illegal. Google can’t sell fake services or compete against its customers.