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I do SEO Audits in Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional Chinese). This is a technical and quality analysis of your website, along with detailed recommendations on how to fix your website to be compliant with Baidu and search engines in China.

I work with Gong Zhihong. She is from Sichuan and graduated from Beijing University.

I was the Manager of Global SEO at Cisco, where I developed strategy and tactics for enterprise-grade SEO in 40 languages in 84 countries, including Baidu, Google, and Yandex. I was also a Director of Digital Marketing at Acxiom, where I developed digital strategies for Fortune 500 companies, including ATT, CitiBank, Chase, and others.

If you need SEO in Chinese, email me.

I also work in German, Danish, Spanish, and several more languages. If you need SEO in other countries, see more about me.

Author of Twelve Books on SEO

Search Engine Marketing: China

Search Engine Marketing: China Edition by Andreas Ramos and Maggie Guan. In Simplified Chinese.

(Tsinghua University Press, Beijing, China, 2010. 290 pg. ISBN 978-0-07-159733-3. Illustrations, tables, index).

Buy the book at Amazon China.

Search Engine Marketing: Taiwan

Search Engine Marketing: Taiwan Edition by Andreas Ramos and Stephanie Cota. In Traditional Chinese.

(McGraw-Hill Taiwan, 2010. Illustrations, tables, index).

Buy the book at

I’m also the technical editor of Search Engine Marketing, Inc. by Mike Moran and Bill Hunt (IBM Press, 3rd ed., 2014), the authoritative book on enterprise-level SEO.

I wrote Search Engine Marketing, published by McGraw-Hill, 2009. It was translated into Chinese and published by Tsing Hua University Press in Beijing (2010). I’ve seen it in Chinese bookstores in Silicon Valley.

China’s companies can use the web to open up new markets both in China and around the world. This is the first book to bring analytics, digital marketing, and traditional marketing together.” — Foreword by Haoyu Shen, former Chief Operations Officer (COO) and #2 at

My McGraw-Hill book is taught in the US. In 2011, I was in Beijing for dinner with professors at Tsinghua. They asked if there was courseware for ecommerce. I gave them my courseware with a site license for the People’s Republic of China. Tsinghua University is the MIT of China.

More books include #TwitterBook (#1 Amazon Best Seller in three hours), How to Write a Book! (#1 Amazon Best Seller in two days), and The Big Book of Content Marketing (Amazon Best Seller in two days). Publishers include McGraw-Hill USA, Betwin (Paris), Klean (Denmark) and Editorial Jus (Mexico).

I’m writing another book on SEO for summer 2015.

More about What I Do

I’ve worked at SGI, SUN, Oracle, NTT, Brio, Acxiom, Cisco, and over 25 startups.

  • I’m a mentor for Chain (, the association for Chinese engineers who are building startups in Silicon Valley.
  • I manage MIT‘s worldwide $1,000,000 Google Foundation Grant for the OpenCourseWare Project since 2005.
  • I was the analytics and SEO strategist for Stanford’s Graduate School of Business (Stanford’s MBA school).

More about Me

If you want to know more about me, see my website.