A few weeks ago, I did something that apparently very few have done. I created a newsletter in both English and Chinese.

Some will say their newsletter is in two languages, with a left column in English and the right column in French. No, that’s easy.

I use ConstantContact.com for the client’s newsletter. Their software doesn’t quite support this, and during one call with them, they said they had only ever seen one client use English and French (for Montreal), but they’ve never seen a newsletter in English and Chinese.

What I did was to send out a newsletter in English. At the top, there’s a link (in Chinese) that says “Click here to read this in Chinese“. In the Chinese version, there’s a similar link  that says (in English) “Click here to read this in English“.

Thus the subscriber can choose his language.

There’s no limit to the languages: A newsletter could be in English, Chinese, Spanish, German, and Danish.

There are tools at ContactContact to do this, but the documentation and FAQ were wrong. Tech support could only work from that, and they’ve never done this, so they couldn’t tell me how to do this. Their information and support didn’t work.

After several tests, I was able to create the links. I documented the steps and sent a copy to ConstantContact so they could update their FAQ.