There are two reasons to write press release:

  • Distribute your press release to 50 press release wire distribution sites which will send it to 200,000 news sites which will be picked up by ten million news aggregation sites (curated news) with the hope that some people will read it. This is the use of a press release to influence readers.
  • All of the above, plus the hope that Google will be impressed by all of those links and your page will rank high in the search engine. This is the use of a press release to influence SEO.
If you write press releases for the second purpose (SEO), you can stop. Google and Bing flag the press release wire release sites and news agggregators in order to block them. These sites will not appear in the search results. Even if your press release gets five million links, it will not appear in the search engines. Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm changes got rid of these worthless sites that were made only to collect links to influence the search engines.
If you do a press release for the first (to reach readers), it’s highly unlikely anyone will see your press release. Nobody really reads those junk sites.
The search engines flag those news sites as junk. Those sites are ignored.
What to do? Ask a known expert to write a web page or blog posting that has useful information about your service or product. Google and Bing will accept that into the search results.
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