We turned the cedar hot tub into a tea room. We turned it on its side, rolled in to the corner of the yard, and added a platform. At right, persimmon leaves and ivy on the left. Of course, the cat sits on top for a great view.

I thought it was going to be a big job to turn the hot tub upright since it weighs perhaps a thousand pounds. But me and three guys just picked it up and turned it on its side in one quick lift. From there, it was easy to roll it.

I cut a 16-foot (5m) plank to make the shelf. See the angle at the ends? Helen calculated the angle (35.2) and I cut it to fit. I thought I would need to add bracing to secure it, but it stays in place. The tub rests on two 5×5 beams.



We also extended the deck all the way to the walnut tree. You can see the hot tub in the far back.