Looking for a one-page business plan for your startup?

I live in Palo Alto and I’m an advisor to nine Silicon Valley startups. At many VC and angel investor events, we watched other startups go through their presentations. I pulled together the best parts of their business plans to create a one-page business proposal.

Looking for additional resources and documents for startups for your startup? I’ve put together a library of free business documents and legal forms, including:
  • Sample NVCA Term Sheet.
  • Stock Purchase Agreement
  • Contracts for your Contractors
  • Learn about Silicon Valley VC Funding
  • How to Write and Distribute Your Press Release
  • List of the best books on SEO, PPC, Analytics, Content Marketing, Social Media, Twitter, ASO, and so on
  • List of the best tools for SEO, PPC, and analytics
  • And much more information