Another minor bug in Adwords Editor.

Problem: Adwords Editor can’t download statistics.

Why: The date format in the statistics dialog box is wrong. This happens if you change the date format settings in Windows 10.

Workaround: Change the date format in Windows 10.

Description: When you try to download statistics in Adwords Editor, the OK button is grey. Statistics can’t be downloaded. Check the date in the Statistics dialog box. If the date appears as “Monday, July 4, 2016”, it won’t work. The date format should be “07/04/16”.

How To Fix:

  1. In Windows 10, go to Start | Settings | Time & Language | Date & Time
  2. At the end of the Formats section, click “Change date and time formats”
  3. Set “Short Date” to MM/dd/yy
  4. Exit

This is a minor Adwords Editor bug. It should allow any date format from Windows 10, but it only accepts numerical values. Google should fix it.