I like wine, but I’m suspicious of experts’ claims about wine tasting and quality of wine.

In the last few years, study after study has used blind tasting to show that wine experts themselves can’t distinguish wine. They can’t tell the difference between $3 and $100 wine. They can’t even tell if it’s red or white.

Here’s a collection of studies in a summary of metrics-driven analysis of wine tasting in The Guardian. The bottom line? There isn’t a way to distinguish the quality of wine.

I bought one of those wine aerators last year. We compared aerated vs. non-aerated wine. Yes, it really does taste better.

But guess what? You don’t need to spent $25 for an aerator. Just pour the wine in slow trickle from about 12 inches high (20 cm). Yes, it’s noisy and looks silly, but you’ll get the same effect: lots of air in the wine. The taste improves remarkably.

Another trick: put the wine in a blender. It looks horrible, but the wine tastes much better.

An easy trick:  put your thumb over the top of the bottle and shake vigorously to add air to the wine. Works like a charm.

Finally, use a decanter. It’s just a fancy bottle for pouring your wine. It looks expensive and the studies show perception will improve the taste.

Anyway, read the article.