On Sunday, we shot video for the book release. Gail Kinstler (videographer), Marianne McGlynn (host and interviewer), plus Eric (camera man), plus me.

I’ve recommended many clients to add video to their sites. But only a few clients have done this. Why? Because it’s really difficult to make video.

Here are several reasons why video is difficult:

  • Camera-shy. Many, if not most, people are awkward in front of a camera. Lights are on, several cameras are shooting, and people are watching.
  • Complexity: Video has to be shot in several different angles and then combined in the editing process. This includes merging several different versions of the same scene. The interviewer asks a question, I answer, and then we do it again. And again. Each line can be repeated four or five times successfully, and that doesn’t include the mistakes, hesitations, etc.
  • Expensive equipment: Notice the lights? Those are LED panels. No more hot klieg lights. These are cool to the touch, which means the room doesn’t get hot. A few thousand dollars for each light panel. Plus the cameras.
  • Time: It took five hours (set up, film, take down) to make three minutes of video.

You really should start to make video. One of the advantages is the list of difficulties: only a few will do this, so if you make video, you’re automatically far ahead of your competitors.

The video will be on Youtube as part of the book release.