So my website is for desktop screens. And Google announced it will ignore websites after March 21st 2015 that aren’t suitable for mobile devices (in other words, if you search in Google on your cell phone or tablet, the results will include only mobile-friendly sites, while non-mobile sites will not be listed).

So I must make my website for mobile as well.

But there are several issues:

  • I can’t use any of the dozens of “convert-your-site-to-mobile” tools because nobody knows how long those companies will exist. If I use one of them, what happens in four years when it shuts down? My pages are lost.
  • The technology has to be in code that I can understand, write, and edit. It can’t be proprietary, obscurely complex, or hidden inside other tools.
  • It has to be a long-term solution. Next year, will have been up for 20 years. I want it to work for another 20 years. I strongly doubt Google will be relevant in five years (2020) and it will likely not exist in ten years. Remember Alta Vista? Remember Yahoo? Yahoo was once the leader of the web; it’s barely profitable now. Alta Vista was the leading search engine. It’s gone. SUN, SGI, Texas Instruments, HP, and many other major computer companies are gone. So I don’t believe Google will last.

I wrote all of the code at by hand. Yep, 450 pages of HTML. I’ve created over 200 websites, all by hand. That means I really know HTML. I can read HTML code; I can edit it, I can change it. In contrast, ask anyone who uses Dreamweaver: they never even look at the code and understand very little of it.

So… the switch has to be future-compliant (it has to work for the next 10-20 years), not rely on fleeting companies or technologies, and maintainable.

I’ll work on this. I’ll also update this page with what I learn.

If you have suggestions or ideas, let me know.