Looking at MajesticSEO’s link tracking tool, I see that my website andreas.com is ranked #78,755 in the list of .com websites.

Of all sites (.com, .biz, .whatever), my site is ranked #154,234.

How high is that? There are  620 million websites according to Netcraft (September 2012) with about 15 billion pages. However, of these, only 190 million websites (30.65%) are active. 70% are abandoned.

Using the number of active sites (190m URLs), I’m in the top 0.08%. Not just 1% or 1/10th of 1%. I’m in the 1/100ths%.

Let’s take some questions. I see a few hands in the audience.

Q. Who cares?

A. Not me. It amuses me a bit. But that’s all.

Q. I don’t care about your ranking. What’s my ranking?

A. Go to MajesticSEO and find out.

Q. Can you get me into the Top Million?

A. The Top Million? That’s a half of 1% of all sites. Sure. But it won’t be cheap. It’ll require lots of very good content, lots of advertising, etc. I’m guessing $100-200,000 per year.

Q. What does this mean, really? So what?

A. I’ve been telling people this, but they don’t really understand it, because the numbers are so large. 99% of the web could disappear, and nobody would ever notice. Really. 99% is 186 million websites. Poof! Gone. And nobody would notice, because nobody goes to those sites.

Google blabbers about about how they index the whole web. So what? Nobody looks at those pages. Never. Those sites get so little traffic that it’s probably just stray neutrinos passing through the earth.

Here’s another way to look at this: My cat ‘s webpage gets more traffic than 99% of web sites.

Q. What are all those tens of millions of sites?

A. An awful lot of them are spam sites. Spammers use tools to set up 500,000 sites for vitamin ads or similar junk and bombard the search engines. So nobody would miss anything if those sites disappeared.