Seriously. There hasn’t been much improvement at Twitter in like, ever. I’ve been on Twitter since August 2008. They bought Tweetdeck. That’s it? The VCs spent so much time fighting that the entire original team left.

  • Ratings. Let you rate a tweet. 1-5 stars. Easy to do and instant feedback to the author.
  • Dislike a Tweet. Easy to do and instant feedback to the author. It would put an end to the useless “I’m getting a haircut” tweets.
  • Set Max Daily Number of Tweets: Let us set a maximum number of daily tweets from someone. Say, three. My account is overrun by a few people who tweet too much. Easy to set up. When I sign up to follow someone, let me select the maximum number of tweets per day from that person.
  • Feedback Page: Yes, just like A place where we can discuss and vote on ideas. Twitter doesn’t know how to have ideas, so let us help.
  • A Daddy. Twitter needs adult supervision. Someone should buy Twitter and run it better. Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, whatever. Not Apple (Apple doesn’t do social), and certainly not FB (they’d buy it to shut it down.)

I’m going through another purge of my account. I’m deleting people that I follow. If someone has posted twice in one day, I open their history and look at their last twenty tweets. If it’s less than 50% on-topic (i.e., less than ten relevant tweets out of twenty), I unfollow them. I don’t want to wade through irrelevant tweets.

Twitter is like email. Someone who sends too much irrelevant stuff is just spamming. Ratings, feedback, and daily limits would improve that.

And I’m also looking at follow/follower ratio. I suspect anyone who is following more than one hundred people isn’t following anyone at all. That’s way too many tweets. He is simply not reading those tweets.

I follow around 50 people. But only ten of them tweet regularly. The rest will post only occasionally.

Follow me @andreas_ramos .  I promise: Mostly relevant stuff.