Q. We’re planning a one-day event. What can we do with social media?

A. Since it’s a one-day event, it’s a “suddenly get lots of attention” kind of thing. Use advertising in social media to reach your audience. Here are several ideas:

  • Both Twitter and LinkedIn have audience targeting in their advertising service. You can define a target demographic (e.g., women, 25-35, college-educated, income $75-120K, in Calif, NY, job title, seniority, company size, etc., plus your keywords). Your  ads (or tweets) will appear to them. This will reach the audience that you want to reach.
  • The ads (and tweets) can point to your landing pages.
  • All of this can be set up in advance and turns on automatically on the day of the event and off again at night.
  • Metrics include impressions, clicks, and signups/downloads at the landing page.
  • You can also use Google, but there are no ads in Google+, the social site.
  • The budgets for a one-day campaign can be fairly low: perhaps $100-200 for each one.
  • Twitter is remarkably inexpensive at the moment. Clicks are often only US$0.02.
  • The more, the better; I doubt you could spend  $500 in either one in one day. Setup could be done in less than four hours.
  • Along with that, a series of tweets can be released during the day. These can be written in advance and set for timed release, e.g., every 30 minutes.