In three hours, you can make a whiteboard for your office or the kids’ playroom. Total cost under $24. Very easy to do.

I had a 4×6 whiteboard. But there was wasted space around it and I wanted more space to write on. I read about this whiteboard paint and it sounded perfect.

A few years ago, two Brits invented this. You paint any wall with a special paint, let it dry, and the wall becomes a giant whiteboard. Totally clever. It only took an evening. The new whiteboard is 7′ wide and 44″ tall.


You can cover up to 7X7 (49 square feet) with one can of paint.

  1. Remove the old whiteboard. Or whatever was there.
  2. Wipe the surface clean.
  3. Patch up any holes with spackle. Let it dry for an hour.
  4. Use the blue painter’s tape to mark the area. The tape keeps the paint within the lines.
  5. Mix the whiteboard paint.
  6. Pour about a third of the paint into the pan.
  7. Use the roller brush to paint the wall.
  8. Use the small brush for corners.
  9. Let it dry for 45 minutes. Go eat dinner.
  10. Apply second coat.
  11. Let the second coat dry for 45 minutes. Go watch a movie.
  12. Apply the third coat. You’re done. Well, mostly. Clean up the floor.
  13. Wait 48 hours. Slowly pull away the tape.
  14. Wait three full days before you start writing on the white board.
  15. Now you’re done.

What you’ll need (shopping list):

  • Rustoleum Dry Erase (whiteboard paint). At any store that sells paint. Home Depot, most hardware stores, etc., or Amazon. $14 for a can.
  • Foam roller brush ($1)
  • Paint pan for roller brush ($0.50)
  • Small 1′ foam brush (for corners) ($0.50)
  • Blue painter’s tape. Tip: Get 4″ wide. $5.
  • Old sheet (or a newspaper) to cover the floor
  • Total cost about $24.