The violation of privacy on cell phones  is out of control. There is currently very little regulation in the USA, which means many companies collect as much data as possible. They copy all of your messages, your contact lists, your location, your movements, etc.  They watch you as much as possible.

  • Do not install apps from unknown sources.
  • Be careful with apps from known sources. Snapchat, which promised to delete your messages, lied. Nothing was deleted. They also tracked everything.
  • If you have apps on  your phone, many of these are likely monitoring every thing you do and sending the data back. If you’re not actively using the app, delete it.

Take the following steps to stop ad companies from tracking your Apple or Google phone.

In Your Android Phone

  • Go to Settings
  • Select General
  • Select Security
  • “Unknown Sources” should be unchecked
  • “Verify Apps” set to checked
  • “Change Security Level” set to High
  • “Security Policy Updates” set to checked

In Your Android Phone

  • Go to the apps folder (the collection of all apps on your phone)
  • Find the “Google Settings” app
  • Go to the section for Ads
  • “Opt out of interest-based ads” set to checked
  • Reset Your Advertising ID. Click this to get rid of your old advertising ID. To trackers, you will appear as a new user.

In Your Chrome Browser

  • Go to Ads Settings at
  • Under Opt-Out Settings, opt out of both columns (“Ads on Google” and “Google Ads across the Web”).
  • In the first column, at Interests, click “Edit”. Google has likely added dozens (or hundreds) of irrelevant interests to you. Delete all of these.

To Opt Out of the DoubleClick Cookie

  • Add this extension to your Chrome browser to block all DoubleClick ads.
  • Open your Chrome browser.
  • Search at Google for “IBA Opt-out (by Google)”
  • Add it to your Chrome browser by clicking the green button.

In Your iPhone

  • Go to Settings
  • Click Privacy
  • Scroll down to Advertising
  • At “Limit Ad Tracking”, click the button to turn it green.
  • At “Reset Advertising Identifier”, click it to delete your ID as an advertising target. To trackers, you will appear as a new user.

Be Careful with Websites and Apps

  • Be careful with websites. If you go to a website, it can secretly install apps or tracking software on your phone.
  • The same with apps. If you add an app, it can secretly install additional hidden apps on your phone. Don’t download junk apps just to see what they do.