What happens when large web sites hire journalists?

> (…) many former employees suspect that Facebook’s eventual goal is to replace its human curators with a robotic one. (They) started to feel like they were training a machine, one that would eventually take their jobs. (…) As one former contractor put it: “We felt like we were part of an experiment that, as the algorithm got better, there was a sense that at some point the humans would be replaced.” (gizmodo.com)

This is also going on at Google and other sites: they use humans to train their AI. At some point, they’ll get rid of the humans.

The real problem however is the control of information. Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. are using unknown, lightly-skilled people to determine what counts as information. These people are quickly replaced or fired. Information is turning into fast food: cheap junk. The large companies are placing tight controls over what we see on the web.

It is extremely dangerous when a few billionaires have control over information. Despite the colorful beanbags and free dog massages, Facebook, Twitter, Bing, Google, Microsoft, etc. aren’t socially-responsible organizations for the public good. They are companies in the business of making money.