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October 23rd, 2015

I built a 1,000 gallon cedar Robert’s Hot Tub ( in my backyard in 2001. It was great for 15 years. But the wood has started to decay (the wood has a 15-year lifetime). So we turned the hot tub into a tea room and I’m selling the parts. All of these work great and are in good condition. They were housed in a custom-built storage shed.

These items are in my garage in Palo Alto. You can come by and pick them up. Talk with me about shipping.

You can buy the parts that you want. However, I’d prefer to sell everything at once. If you buy all, I’ll give you a 20% discount on the whole lot.

Contact me at or call me at tel. 650.483.5040 (9-5, Mon-Fri, Pacific).

Here’s the hot tub as it was installed.

The hot tub cover. Foam interior with soft vinyl cover. Round, 7 feet diameter (84″). Folds in half. In good condition, clean, and useable. New, $425. For sale: $200

Pentair Cartridge Filter. Part number P/N 178555 Rev. CC100. New = $420. Yours for $200.

The paper filter (detail shot). It’s 10 years old and probably should be replaced, but I still used it. New. $60 Free if you buy the Pentair above.

Pentair Cartridge Filter, side view

Pentair Cartridge Filter, back view

Pentair Cartridge Filter, inside view

Pentair Cartridge Filter, the top

Pentair Cartridge Filter, specs detail

Pentair MiniMax 100 gas heater. 100K BTU Liquid Propane, Electric Heater w/ 6′ CD. 22″x19″x28″, 89 pounds. High-performance propane gas-fired heater is compact, lightweight, and efficient. This one replaced my original heater last year. I used this twice, yes, only twice. It’s in perfect condition. New = $1,300. Yours for $800.

Pentair MiniMax 100 gas heater, side view

Pentair MiniMax 100 gas heater, back view

Hayward Max-Flo Pump. Model SP1610-Z-2-MBK. Two-speed, 1.5 HP, 230 volt. New, $530. Yours for $250.

The pump’s specs.

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