Not looking good for Google+. Vic Gundotra, head of G+, quit today. Most of the G+ team is being assigned to other teams. The obligatory G+ login ID will disappear from several tools. Google may change it from a product to a “platform” (“No, you’re not fired. We’re just moving your office to the basement.”)

Here are news articles about G+:

All of these are authoritative and written by professional journalists.

G+ is effectively dead. Some pieces may survive as parts of other tools. What really counts is the social media world: they’ll give up on talking about G+.

Why did it die? Google, one of the world’s largest marketing companies, doesn’t believe in marketing. They launch product after product, only to watch them sink. Do you want to know how bad it is? My mom lives in Palo Alto. She often joins us for dinners or get-togethers with Silicon Valley people. I told her that G+ will shut down and she said “What’s that?” She’d never heard of it.

The Death Watch is on for Google Glass. It has all the marks of Google: no marketing, no outreach, no audience feedback. Not even on the market and it’s now the leading example of tech arrogance and pointless product.

Update: June 25, 2014: Google’s John Mueller announced Google is dropping the profile photo and circle count from search results where authorship is assigned to a web page. This means Google+ profiles are disappearing from search results. Google will slowly lower the visibility of G+.