Google shut down Google Authorship. They said few authors were using it and it didn’t matter much to users.

What was it? The idea was for Google to be able to know who was a valid author. There are too many sites that offer fake content or texts written by unknown workers in warehouses. Google could identify real people by looking at their Google+ profiles (social activity with friends, likes, links, postings, and so on) and tie the person’s articles together.

But few authors added the code to their pages or signed up for G+. And Google users didn’t seem to care if Google showed an author profile or not.

But this is just the details. What’s the big picture?

  • Once again, Google failed to support a project. They launch an idea, only to watch it sink, and then they walk away and say nobody really liked it anyway. No promotion, no marketing.
  • Google is shutting down Google+. Instead of admitting defeat, they’re doing it bit by bit, spread over months, with the hope that nobody will notice or care.  This is one of Google’s biggest failures.

I used Google Authorship. I added the code, edited my profile, and used it across all of my postings. Now it’s gone. Too bad.

I stripped out all of the Google Authorship code from my website.