Okay, so you know about “cloud computing”.

What’s next? Fog computing. Really. A new concept here at Cisco. If cloud covers big systems and massive storage, then fog is for the small systems in local networks, such as a bunch of wifi routers, a few hard disks, your phone, your fridge, and whatever else you have hooked up in your home.

So if there’s fog computing, what else could there be? Here are new possibilities:

– Cloudy Computing: Your files are scattered across Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, SkyDrive, OneDrive, ZipCloud, and maybe two more that you forgot.

– Smoke Computing: When your hard disk goes up in smoke.

Sunny Computing: What you do at the pool.

– Rain Computing: What you do when you’re not at the pool.

All are trademarked, so have your cat’s lawyer talk to my cat’s lawyer. Yes, my cat has a lawyer. Cat is doing a startup in my Palo Alto garage. Well, he’s doing something in there.