Netflix (NFLX)’s $39B market is a lot of money. Maybe they should put a bit of that into fixing the site?

  1. Pop Quiz: What’s the name of the company? Netflix, right? No. Look at your DVDs. It’s actually, not Netflix. Why would a company not use its name?
  2. Look at the streaming site. Okay, that’s named Netflix. And it uses the N in their browser icon.
  3. But the DVD site uses… a browser icon with the text “DVD”.
  4. Look at app icon in Android. Now it’s Netflix, but a different logo with red text on white. Are we looking at three different companies? Nobody agrees on the logo? Is there really nobody at Netflix in charge of branding? $39B and they can’t find an intern to fix this?
  5. It’s not just the logo. The search tool doesn’t work. Incredibly, nobody at Netflix bothers to fix this. Try it. Go to Netflix in your iPad or Android. I searched for an actor and there were no results. So to check just to see if it works, I searched for John Wayne. He made perhaps 100 movies. What’s the search results at Netflix/’s-Called? Three movies. Yep, three results for John Wayne. Total failure. Can it get worse? Oh, yeah.
  6. Search on the app for Moonstruck, the movie with what’s-her-name who was married to what’s-his-name. What does Netflix show? 16 movies… and none of them are Moonstruck. Yes, they have the movie; it’s in the desktop site. But the app can’t find it. Broken. One point out of ten.
  7. When search does work, it’s generally terrible. Search for “burns and allen”, a comedy duo from the 1930s. Netflix search results also include the documentary Death and the Civil War (This film explores how the American Civil War created a “republic of suffering” and charts the far-reaching social, political and social changes brought about by the pervasive presence and fear of death during the war.”) That’s a junk result.
  8. And why list a movie that isn’t available? A bit of investor fraud by inflating the list to impress investors? SEC, anyone?
  9. What about the member’s queue? Does that work? I have my queue list of movies. But I can edit the list only on desktop. Queues can’t be edited on mobile?
  10. Hey, Netflix! That ringy-buzzy thingie in your pocket? That’s a phone. People use those. 52% of searches at Google are on mobile devices now. Maybe (just maybe) Netflix should work on mobile devices? Hey, it’s just an idea. Or did someone already suggest this at Netflix and get fired?
  11. Why do I have to wade through thousands of junk movies? Why not let me use my settings to say “Don’t show me anything with less than, say, 3.5 stars”?
  12. And zombie movies. There’s whole categories of movies that I’ll never watch. Why can’t I block categories? Or is the idea to just flood the users with junk to make it look big?
  13. What’s with DVDs anyway? Look, Netflix has the disk. Why not just copy it and put it on the servers and stream it? And that goes double for classics. Soviet films, Danish silent films, etc., all major historical and valuable films should be streamed. Honestly, even though Netflix has $39 billion dollars, it doesn’t work all that well.
  14. I’ve been using Netflix since it started in 1997. Did I get a ten-year T-shirt? Or a Christmas card? How about a text message? Anything? Is this customer management as taught by Trump University? Just shake ’em for the money? Does Netflix care at all about its customers? Nope.

All of these problems have been around for years and nobody at Netflix notices anything. Is there any management at Netflix? The easy way to find out: let’s see if they’re following #WeLoveDVD. They could fix all of this in weeks if they wanted. The clock starts now.