There’s been talk of the semantic web, XML markup, Rich Snippets, RDFa, and microdata for at least seven years. But only very large sites can afford the technical team to implement this.

No more. Google came up with a clever way to allow anyone to mark up a site by just highlighting.

Why do this? Whew. Long explanation here. Blah, blah, blah, and so on and so forth. You nod off. Let’s skip to the summary.

Wake up! So, to wrap up, this lets Google know what you’re talking about, so it can index your content better.  It knows that 10.95 is a price, not the weight in kilo, and it knows that’s the price in Euros. You can mark up titles, prices, dates, and all sorts of information. This is Very Important. Tell your webdev team to look into this.

At first, you can only mark up pages about events (concerts, conferences, performances, etc.) I expect they’ll add other types soon.

To learn more, see the article at Techcrunch or go to Google’s video about Data Highlighter.