FAQ: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Or… Everything You’ve Really Wanted to Know About SEO, But Didn’t Dare to Ask.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what you do to get listed higher in search engines. When people search, they click the first few links. The rest are ignored. The first links get ALL of the traffic.

All of this is in the Totally Free SEO White Paper. This SEO FAQ covers the issues of SEO, how to hire an SEO company (and no, we are NOT an SEO company! This is not a sales pitch for our SEO services.) We don’t do SEO as a main part of our business. We build and manage ecommerce services for companies. To improve the ecommerce revenues, we do the SEO for our clients. That is why we know about this, and that’s also why we don’t mind revealing the insider methods of SEO.

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Highlights include…

  • Secret Aztec Sexual Techniques of a Search Engine Guru: Okay, maybe not sex, but there are 31 things you can do to drive your search engines wild in bed.
  • There are over 800 search engines. 65% of users visit only 3. Which ones?
  • Free resource guide with links, information, hints, tips, and tricks on Search Engine Optimization.
  • Free URL submission: If you use this, your site will be deleted. Find out why.
  • Submission services: “Pay $10 to be listed at 200 search engines!” Scam or true?
  • Are spammers ahead of you on a search engine’s list? How to delete them.
  • Learn about SEO as a form of search marketing or search engine marketing that is used for direct marketing.
  • Outsourcing SEO: Get someone to do your SEO: What to look for, what to avoid–and what to pay.

What readers say…

  • It’s a great, concise wrap up of current search engine issues. This has some very current tips. I find it hard to keep up with the current state of indexing and it helps a lot. I’m definitely going to add to my resource of what I give my clients when it comes to search engine time. — Laura, web designer, Plastic Disaster Productions.
  • Highly recommended. This is a really useful paper on a topic that is ignored by many web marketers but which can make an immense difference. — Moe Rubenzahl, Director of Internet Marketing for a major high-tech manufacturer.
  • Well written and chock full of great information. Thanks! — Lynn Bryant.

How to get it…

There are two documents. The free whitepaper and the book.

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