Mouse Stuff FAQ: MouseMouse Stuff

The Mouse Hot Point

The tip of the arrow is called the hot point. This is the active part of the mouse. Use the tip of the arrow to point at something. If you click on something and are only pointing with the base of the arrow, nothing will happen.

Cleaning a Laptop Mouse or Trackball

If you try to point at something and you have to roll the trackball several times to get the cursor to move, then the ball is dirty. Gunk collects on the rollers.

Turn the mouse over, remove the round lid, and pop out the ball. Clean the rollers and ball. The rollers will also have gunk on them. Use a nail file, turn the rollers, and scrape them clean.

To get rid of the grease, wipe the ball and rollers with a cotton swab which has been moistened in either eyeglass cleaning fluid, rubbing alcohol, or a drop of gin.

If It’s Hard to Click

If you have to click several times to get a click, there is dust in the microswitches. Remove the screws in the base and open the mouse. Puff the dust out. While you’re in there, it’s easy to clean the rollers.

Repairs for the Mouse

After several years of mousing, the wires inside the tail will crack. If you bought a mouse with a lifetime guarantee, but you’ve lost its life insurance policy, it’s easy enough to fix this. Put a splint on the bad part by taping a paper clip over that part. If it’s broken, or you accidentally cut the tail, just snip out the bad part, bare the ends of the wires, and splice the tail together again.

Mouse Pads

Mouse pads are made of neoprene, like a diver’s wet suit. You could go to a diving store and buy some wet suit material. Don’t ask for a free scrap piece. The small pieces are used to make diving glove fingers.

The woman at the diving store asked why I wanted a small square of neoprene. I said it was for my mouse.