FAQ: Set Your Computer Monitor to Auto-turnoff

andreas.com FAQ: Setting Your Computer Monitor to Automatically Turn Itself Off

Windows 98 lets you set your computer to turn off your monitor after a period of inactivity. Whenever you walk away for a meeting, lunch, or go home at the end of the day, the monitor will turn itself off. When you return, just touch the keyboard or mouse and the monitor will turn on again.

This only turns off the monitor. If you have started a long process, the computer will continue the process.

Reasons to do this:

  1. This saves quite a bit of energy. Computer monitors use about 100 watts per hour. This is the same as leaving a 100-watt bulb on all the time. By using auto-turn off, you save energy and a substantial electric bill. The monitor also doesn’t give off heat, which means less air conditioning.
  2. This prolongs the monitor’s life. In a way, monitors are like light bulbs; if continuosly left on, they burn out after about five years. If you set your monitor to auto-turn off, it will double or triple its life span. This means substantial savings in not replacing or reparing monitors. It also means less consumption of raw materials to make new monitors.
  3. It’s also safer to leave your monitor off. In very rare cases, a monitor will catch on fire.

This can also be done with most other modern computers. Either check your computer’s documentation or call your computer’s tech support number.

To Set Your Monitor to Auto-Turnoff In Windows 98

  1. Select Start menu.
  2. Select the Settings item.
  3. Select the Control Panel icon.
  4. Select the Display icon.
  5. Select the Screen Saver tab.
  6. At the bottom of the dialog box, there is the item “Energy Saving Features of Monitor.” Click the “Settings” button.
  7. In the new panel, at the top, set the Power scheme for “Home/Office Desk.”
  8. At the bottom, in the left-hand column (Plugged In), set “Turn off monitor” to 15 or 30 minutes (the time is up to you.)
  9. Click “Apply” and then exit.

When you walk away from your monitor, it will turn itself off after the pre-set time. To turn it on again, just touch the keyboard or mouse.