FAQ: Literature and Ideas: Lit-Ideas

Literature and Ideas

This is the FAQ for Lit&Ideas.

Welcome to Literature and Ideas (Lit-Ideas).

  1. Using the List: Subscribe, Unsubscribe, Settings, Archives, and so on
  2. Guidelines
  3. Governing of Lit-ideas
  4. Meta-Lit-Ideas

1: Using the List

  • To subscribe/unsubscribe, set to vacation on/off, set Digest on/off, use the following form. Enter your email in the text box, click the down-arrow, set your choice, and click Go.
  • Your email: Subscribe Unsubscribe Turn Digest mode on Turn Digest mode off Turn Vacation mode on Turn Vacation mode off Get Help
  • To send a message to the list, send email to (Note: you must first subscribe.)
  • To read the archives, visit
  • To read these guidelines, visit
  • If you have questions, contact

2: Guidelines

  • Literature & Ideas is a discussion list. Acceptable topics include discussions about books, ideas, and related topics.
  • Your emails should be signed with your name and affiliation (your university or city.) For example, Laura Hong, University of Beijing, or Laura Hong, New York City.
  • Three emails per day limit: Please do not send more than three emails within a twenty-four hour period.
  • Please do not send attachments to the list. Many are using other systems that can’t read your files. Most corporate sites will block attachments to avoid virus.
  • Do not copy and re-send the message to which you are replying. This is annoying to those who use the digest option and may have to wade through the same message four or five times. Quote, paraphrase, or copy and paste.
  • No personal attacks: If you annoy others, several things may happen. First, people will complain to the moderators and you may get a warning. Second, the moderators will advise people, either privately or publicly, how they can set their email software to automatically delete your postings, so nobody sees what you write. You will be talking in an empty room. Third, if you continue to annoy others, you may be deleted from the list.
  • If you feel personally attacked, please do not respond. Send an email to the moderator (see below).
  • No posting of private emails. If you receive a private message and then post it to the entire list, you may be deleted from the list.
  • Decisions by the moderators are final and do not require notification, justification, or explanation, nor is there any appeal. The moderator may change the rules at any time without notification. You are a guest on this list. By posting to the list, you accept these rules.

3: The Governing of Lit-ideas

The list’s moderator is Andreas Ramos at

4: Meta-Lit-Ideas

The list to discuss the list.

To join Meta-Lit-Ideas, type your email: