Pro-worker Employment Lawyers in Silicon Valley FAQ: Employment Lawyers

“Labor attorneys” are mostly on the management side of the table: they help the company to defeat unions or workers.

There are only a few pro-worker labor attorneys. I don’t know all of these lawyers. Talk to several before making a decision.

You can also read Joyce Slaton’s article on your legal rights during a layoff.

Start with the California Employment Lawyers Association at

Updated January 2010.

  • David Tubman. Legal representation to labor unions and employees throughout the San Francisco Bay area. David Tubman is a Bay Area native who spent 15 years in Washington, D.C. developing his skills in advocacy ñ initially working for a U.S. Senator and then as a lobbyist and attorney for a maritime labor union. Davidís experience advocating on labor and employment issues, real estate matters, and construction litigation has given him broad proficiency and skill to guide clients to optimal solutions. Based in Oakland, CA. Tel: 1.510.379.8839. Free 30-minute consultation. $240/hr.
  • Tom Duckworth. 415-433-0333. Free consultation. San Francisco. Very experienced.
  • John DiNapoli. 408.999-0900. Free consultation. 10 Almaden #1220, San Jose. Trial Attorney.
  • Dan (Daniel) Bartley. 415-898-4741. $300/hr. Free consultation. Novato, Marin, Monterey.
  • Steven Cohn. 408-557-0300. $195/hr. Hourly consultation. 2084 Alameda Way, San Jose. Specializes in employment law 15+ yrs; Awards from Cal Bar Assoc for Emp. Law practices.
  • Richard Schramm. 408.971-9993. $280/hr. Hourly consultation. 111 N. Market St #900, San Jose. Specializes in employment law; Bicycles to work.
  • Richard Abdallah. 408.252-5211. $230/hr. Hourly consultation. 10455 Torre Av., Cupertino. Well organized, efficient use of client’s time.
  • Michael Hurley 408.995.3278. 95 South Market Street, #300, San Jose, Phone 408 995 3278 or
  • Ann Liroff. 650-482-3024. $245/hr. 2911 El Camino Real, Redwood City, CA 94061. Has client’s interest in mind.
  • Ismael Perez. 408.293-7100. $230/hr. $150 consultation. 485 N First St, San Jose. Genuine, down-to-earth.
  • Moira Hogan. 408.559-8990. $100 consultation. 8 yrs of experience in business law; spunky.
  • Teresa Pfeifer. $300/hr. Hourly consultation. Los Gatos. Gentle but firm approach.
  • David Chun. 408.995-0200. $250/hr. Hourly consultation. 12 S First St., San Jose. Young, lone fighter.
  • J. Michael Bewley. 408.292-9000. Hourly consultation. 160 W Santa Clara St #625, San Jose. Flamboyant style; Arts patron.
  • Rutger Heymann. 408.292-9000. Hourly consultation. 160 W Santa Clara St #625, San Jose.
  • James McManis. 408.279-8700. 160 W Santa Clara St #1000. Has represented big employers.
  • Philip J. Griego. 408-993-8422. Hourly consultation. 95 S. Market #300, San Jose.
  • Robert Nuddleman. 408-993-8422. Hourly consultation. 95 S. Market #300, San Jose. Specializes in wage and hour cases, sexual harassment, and discrimination cases (He also has a daughter and a set of twin boys!)
  • Jeff Park. 408-993-8422. Hourly consultation. 95 S. Market #300, San Jose. Specializes in labor law and also also acts as a mediator.
  • Brenda F. Biren. 415-392-4100. One Embarcadero Center, Suite 860; San Francisco.
  • Cliff Palefsky. 415-421-9292. San Francisco.
  • Mark Peters. 415-362-4442. San Francisco.
  • Noah ?. 415-421-9292. San Francisco.
  • William Quakenbush. 415-578-8300. San Mateo.
  • Laura Quakenbush. 415-578-8300. San Mateo.
  • Louis Silver. 408.260-8746. 941 W Hedding St., San Jose.
  • Larry Alan Katz. 408.260-8746. 941 W Hedding St., San Jose.
  • Sandy Cohen. 408.975-0545. 300 S. First St, San Jose.
  • Christopher Schumb. 408-271-3245.
  • Briski & Briski. 408.297-9100. 333 W Santa Clara St #1050.
  • Robert D. Baker. 408.292-8555. $100-consultation. 1611 The Alameda, San Jose.

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