FAQ: Find Jobs in Silicon Valley

If you know of other resources, please send them to me. If you find a site has closed, let me know so I can remove it.

  • ZipRecruiter.com will post your resume to 100 job boards, including Glassdoor, Monster, LinkedIn, and more.
  • Glassdoor.com gives you reviews of the company by current/past employees. Is the company truly innovative, or they just say that? Is the CEO an inspirational leader or is he just a jerk? What are salary ranges for your job title? I’ve worked in many companies and I’ve seen managers who jerk workers around on salary. Glassdoor lets you know what companies are paying.
  • Indeed.com includes two useful tools: Table of Salaries: See trends and comparisons of salaries for your job. Add multiple jobs and compare the salaries (e.g., “blogger vs. webmaster vs. journalist”). This will give you backup info when you ask for your raise. Trends in Job Listings: In a dead-end job? Try “blogger, webmaster, journalist” and see which one is rising or dropping!
  • If you want to work at a startup, sign up at AngelList. But be careful: startups are not like what they show in movies or TV. You work extremely hard (10-14 hours daily, six days a week) for a year or two. The chances of success are less than 5%. Yes, only one in 20 startups will survive (and that’s “survive”, not “make it big”). Highly likely, you will burn out and get little out of it. You can compare startup salaries and equity offers at AngelList Salary Comparison.

If you sign up for automated email alerts, set it to Daily. You must apply as soon as the job is posted. Companies get so many replies that they ignore replies after 48 hours.

Work at a Startup?

These job boards specialize in openings at venture-backed startups. Read my book first about startups.

General SV Job Boards

Post your resume to these job boards and sign up for the automated daily emails of new jobs.

List of Venture Capitalists

So you’re ready to work at a startup. VCs avoid recruiters in order to reduce expenses. This means VCs have lists of jobs for the companies they are creating. A typical VC company manages about 25-50 startups. Here are several VC companies:

List of SV Recruiters, Ranked by Size

There are over 250 recruiting agencies in Silicon Valley. The best ones are specialized (for example, they place only chip engineers) and small (only one or two people with deep connections to their industry.) Here are the twenty-six largest recruiting agencies. (List from the Silicon Valley Business Journal, January 2000.)

This list is not a recommendation. Most agencies are honest, but a few are not. In fact, some are scoundrels. Why do I list them anyway? As Chairman Deng of the Chinese Communist Party once said: “It doesn’t matter if the cat is black or white as long as it catches mice.” And some of these cats are very dark indeed. So keep your eyes open and talk with others who’ve dealt with that agency.

The smaller agencies put much more effort into building long-term relationships. So start at the bottom and work your way up.

  1. Advanced Technical Resources
  2. Echo Design
  3. US Caden
  4. Essential Solutions
  5. Silicon Valley Technical Staffing
  6. Hall-Kinion
  7. Aquent
  8. Technical Temps
  9. Kelly IT Resources
  10. Adecco
  11. Impact
  12. Taos Mountain
  13. Unitek
  14. RHI Consulting
  15. ComTech Staffing
  16. Albin Engineering
  17. Technology Search
  18. ESG Consulting
  19. MindSource
  20. Complimate Technical Staffing
  21. Analysts International
  22. Montage Solutions

List of Lists

AIRS Outplacement has a large list of links, incl. job boards, recruiters, newspaper classified job listings, and so on.

101 Job Boards

Lisa Carlson came up with this list of 100 job sites.

  1. 3k Associates
  2. Allpm.com (jobs for project mangers)
  3. American Jobs
  4. Americas Job Bank
  5. Area Jobs
  6. California Jobs
  7. Career City
  8. Career.com
  9. Career Alta Vista
  10. Career Builder
  11. Career Consulting
  12. Career Exchange
  13. Career Exposure
  14. Career Journal
  15. Career Mag
  16. Career Magic
  17. Career Marketplace
  18. Career Mosaic
  19. Career Shop
  20. Careersite
  21. Career Web
  22. CE Weekly
  23. ChoiceCareer.com
  24. Clew
  25. College Recruiter
  26. Computerjobs.com
  27. Data Frenzy
  28. Defense Jobs
  29. The Destiny Group
  30. Operation Transit
  31. E-IT Wizards
  32. Employmax
  33. Employment 911
  34. Engineer Central
  35. Engineer Jobs
  36. Electronic Recruiting
  37. Flipdog.com
  38. GeoWeb Interactive
  39. GoJobs.com
  40. Headhunter
  41. Help Wanted
  42. Hotbot
  43. HotJobs
  44. Hot Resumes
  45. Instamatch
  46. IT Talent.com
  47. Java Jobs Online
  48. Job Ads Usa
  49. Job Bank
  50. Job Find
  51. JobListings.net
  52. Jobs.net
  53. Jobs 4 IT
  54. Jobs Online
  55. Jobvertise
  56. Local Staff
  57. Monster
  58. Net-Temps.com
  59. NewYorkJobs.com: Connecting job seekers with employers in New York, New England and the Tri-State area.
  60. Operation IT
  61. Oracle Jobs Network
  62. Oracledba.net
  63. PATCA
  64. Pro-E Job Network
  65. Jobs For Programmers
  66. Pro-Match
  67. Recruiters Online Network
  68. Recruit USA
  69. Software Contractor’s
  70. Sensor Jobs
  71. Skill Bot
  72. TechJob Bank
  73. Tek Bay
  74. WENetwork
  75. Unix Guru Universe
  76. USA Jobs: US government’s job board
  77. US Job Board
  78. Vault Match
  79. VetJobs.com
  80. WebHire.com
  81. WetFeet.com
  82. Worktree
  83. World Job Mart

Job Boards for Independent Contractors

The following web sites are for independent contractors (ICs.) You can find contract jobs here, look for contracts, post your resume, and so on.

  1. Bullhorn
  2. careerbuilder.com
  3. cdirect.com.au
  4. cjhunter.com
  5. contractor.com: Mostly for building contractors, but some computer ICs.
  6. Craig’s List
  7. dice.com: Dice has grown into general job board, but it is still very popular among SV ICs.
  8. doaproject.com
  9. elance.com
  10. eworkexchange.com
  11. FlipDog
  12. freeagent.com
  13. freelance-work-exchange.com
  14. guru.com
  15. hotjobs.com
  16. ICplanet.com
  17. net-temps.com
  18. Refer
  19. smarterwork.com
  20. Vault
  21. y-axis.com

Public Relations Agencies (PR)

  1. Brown-Miller Communications: San Francisco.
  2. Carter Israel: San Jose.
  3. Davis.Comm: San Francisco.
  4. Eason Communications: San Francisco.
  5. The Horn Group: HGI in Burlingame.
  6. The Larose Group: San Francisco.
  7. Lee Public Relations: Redwood City.
  8. Oak Ridge Public Relations, Inc.: Cupertino.
  9. Pacifico Marketing Communications: San Jose.
  10. Pat Meier Associates PR: San Francisco.
  11. P2PR.com: Phase Two Strategies in San Francisco.
  12. SIPR: Redwood City.
  13. Strategy Associates:
  14. Versaggi Biocommunications: San Francisco.
  15. WebPR: San Jose.
  16. Horizon Public Relations & Communications, Inc.: Santa Clara.
  17. The Hoffman Agency:
  18. MMPR (Multimedia Marketing & PR): MMPR San Francisco.
  19. Shape Technology: Sunnyvale.
  20. Patch & Carlson: San Francisco.
  21. Neale-May & Partners: Palo Alto.
  22. Connect Public Relations: San Francisco.

MarCom (Marketing Communications)

  1. 4marketeers.com
  2. Business Marketing Association (BMA) of Northern California norcalbma.org
  3. Marcomjobs.com
  4. marcommatch.com
  5. Silicon Valley American Marketing Association SVAMA.org


Sites for biotech jobs…

  1. medzilla.com
  2. bio.com
  3. bioleader.com
  4. biospace.com
  5. BioMed.Net