Jobs in Silicon Valley FAQ: Jobs in Silicon Valley

This page is a mixed collection of resources, tips, and so on. See the other pages in the Jobs section for lists of job boards, lists of networks, interviewing strategies, tips for job fairs, and so on.

Looking for Work

The Kinds of Companies…

Focus your job search. Don’t chase everything in the woods. If you’re looking for ecommerce projects, don’t waste your time looking in semiconductors or biotech. Just look for companies in the sector that you like.

VCs and analysts generally divide the computer industry into various sectors:

  • Biotech (also called “bugs and drugs” by VCs)
  • B2B (Business to Business, or products and services to business)
  • B2C (Business to Consumer, or products and services to consumers)
  • Telecoms (telecommunications, includes telephone services)
  • Education (both online learning and services for education.)
  • Internet Infrastructure (aka “bits and bandwidth”)
  • Optical Networking
  • Security
  • Semiconductors

Working as an Independent Contractor

If you’ve never worked as an independent contractor (IC,) you should find a mentor who has experience. They can save you a great deal of money and time by showing you how to do billing, taxes, and so on. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can lose a substantial amount of income and taxes.