Documents for Contractors FAQ: Contractor’s Documents: Contracts, Timesheets, invoices, etc.

So you’re working as a contractor and you need a contract before you start with your client. And you think you need a non-disclosure agreement (NDA.) A timesheet. A calendar. And a whole mess of other documents. Where can you get a sample contract?

Don’t go to a lawyer. He will plunder you. He will charge you $1,000 just for an NDA. Here are the same contracts for free.

The Documents

Here’s a starter kit for you. These are Word documents so you can edit and adapt them to your purposes.

  • Consulting Agreement: A contract for contractors.
  • NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement): An NDA to protect confidential information.
  • Calendar: Use this to plan your project (two versions.)
  • Tracking: Keep track of the project at every stage.
  • TOC Signoff (Table of Contents Signoff): The first step, get a signoff on the TOC.
  • Technical Review: Get a technical review of the accuracy of the project.
  • Technical Signoff: Get a technical signoff on the project.
  • Evaluation: A form to evaluate your subcontractors.
  • Timesheet: Enter your hours and send an invoice.
  • Product Warranty: A standard warranty to insert in your projects.

About the Consulting Agreement: Most contractor contracts are one-sided in favor of the company. Their lawyers wrote it to benefit the company and they usually leave out anything in favor of the worker. This contract sets up fair conditions for both sides. If you as a contractor are given a contract to sign, then give them this contract, or use this contract to see what is missing in their contract.

To fetch the docs, go to My Download Page.