FAQ: Refilling Bubblejet or Inkjet Printer Cartridges

andreas.com FAQ: Bubble Jet or Inkjet Refills

You can easily refill bubblejet (BJ) or inkjet printer cartridges. You can refill both color and black cartridges. A refill kit costs about the same as a cartridge, but it can refill the cartridge five or six times. You can find refill kits at any office supply store.

  1. Spread several layers of newspaper over your desk.
  2. Have several tissues ready to wipe spills.
  3. If you don’t want stains on your fingers, wear plastic gloves.
  4. Open the front of the printer by lowering the front panel.
  5. Be careful not to touch the head (a metallic surfact) at the bottom of the cartridge. Finger grease will clog the head.
  6. Remove the cartridge.
  7. Refill kits include a small drill. Use the drill to open a hole in the cartridge.
  8. Use the syringe to fill the the cartridge.
  9. When it’s full, cover the hole with a strip of tape.
  10. Close the printer.
  11. Print a few lines.
  12. Cartridges can be refilled about 10 times. Eventually, they clog up and die.
  13. For best printing results, use laser paper. This is a smoother paper.