Google’s auto-complete shows fills out your search with the top questions that people ask.

This is pretty useful for SEO. It gives  you an idea of what people look for. But it also makes you wonder about people. They search for the oddest things.

So what do people wonder about their mother?

Whoa. The only safe one is the capitalized, as in “Mother”. The rest are pretty bad.

What about your father?


None of those are good either.

Let’s see what the parents ask about their kids:


Nobody wonders if their son is normal?

What about darling daughter?


Well, at least there’s a few more choices. But few of them good.

What does the wife wonder about her husband?


Suspicious, isn’t she?

And the husband’s thoughts about his wife?


The fourth question “Is she in love with me?” is the first sincere question in this list. Which is followed by whether she will get the 401K money. Okay, that could be good (she’ll have something when he dies, which is considerate of  him) or bad (she’ll get her hands on it in a divorce).

What do Americans wonder about their girlfriends?


Poor guys.

And what do American girls wonder about their boyfriends?


Not good either.

Let’s go to the teacher:


After graduation, you have a boss. What do people ask about their boss?


See? No change. Life is just like school, just more of it.

What about your coworkers?


So your co-workers are either flirting or on drugs? Or both?


The last one is really funny.

Enough of people. What about the dog?


Wait, nobody wonders if the dog is gay?

What about cat?


It’s a bit nice that people wondered if their dogs and cats are happy. I hope they’re looking for ways to make them happier. But too bad nobody asked about that of their moms, dads, sons, daughters, or others.