Content marketing (CM), done well, bypasses SEO. Or, to put it another way, CM isn’t based on SEO. SEO is added as an afterthought to CM.

The audience is researching their issues and problems. They look for information, wherever they can find it. And they’re finding their information at websites, blogs, twitter, company sites, etc. Did you notice that search engines are not in that list? They are finding and researching in other sites four-to-one over search engines. (This data is based on Google’s own research: See

SEO, as the name implies, is based on modifying information to get indexing and ranking in search engines. There is very little SEO for Twitter, etc., because you can’t use meta-tags, HTML format, etc. At best, you get one (and only one) keyword in a tweet. No keyword stuffing, three keywords, etc.

Content marketing changes the game. It’s not about pushing your content at the audience. It’s the audience who decides what they want, and if (IF!) your content is worthy, they will read it.

And if your content is junk, they won’t read it, no matter how much SEO you do on it.

So the Age of Blah-Blah-Blah is over.