So which tool should you use? Blogs, Facebook, or Twitter? Which is more effective for SEO, namely, be found by others?

If you want to stay in touch with your customers and let them know what you’re doing, Facebook (FB) is fine. Build a list of followers and post to them in FB. FB is basically an internal newsletter. Be sure to use photos or video, which get more response, and FB will show your posting to more of your followers. FB shows your posting to about 16% of your followers. To reach more, you’ll have to pay FB. It’s like email mailing lists; you pay to send bulk email.

If your information should be publically available, then you should use blogs and Twitter, but not FB.

FB lets you post to your followers, not the public. FB won’t let Bing and Google index your personal postings. If you’re using a fan page (a business page), your postings show up in Google (but not Bing). This means it’s hard for outsiders to find what you’re writing.

Blogs and Twitter are made for public access. Your blog postings can be found in Google and Bing. I searched for a blog posting from Dec. 2006 and it showed up in Google (I also found postings from 1996. Yes, I’ve been blogging since January, 1996.) Your tweets are available in Google for about a year. And better yet, there’s no fee as in FB.

Google’s blog search tool lets you search blogs. You can see if people are talking about your company, team, products, or services.

Recommendation: Use your blog as your main tool. When you blog, also post to Twitter. You can post to FB if you have time.